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Vijaya M. Ranganath, M.D.

Dr. Vijayalakshmi M. Ranganath is an accomplished Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist whose extensive medical journey began with her pre-medical studies and medical degree (MBBS) from the University of Madras, India. Post her degree, she trained at reputable institutions like Madras General Hospital and the All India Institute of Mental Health.

During her expansive residencies, Dr. Ranganath refined her skills across various specializations, from Internal Medicine at Victoria Hospital, Bangalore to General Psychiatry at the renowned Clarke Institute of Psychiatry, University of Toronto. Her steadfast focus on child psychiatry led her to prestigious fellowships at institutions such as Pasadena Child Guidance Clinic and the University of California, Los Angeles.


Over her esteemed career, Dr. Ranganath has served in prominent roles, ranging from a Staff Child Psychiatrist at Martin Luther King, Jr. Hospital to the Director Residency Education Program at Augustus F. Hawkins Mental Health Center. Her leadership extended to educational realms as well; with academic appointments including Assistant Professor at Charles R. Drew Postgraduate School of Medicine and Associate Vol. Clinical Professor at UCLA.

Throughout her career, Dr. Ranganath's expertise has been widely recognized, leading to her membership in esteemed organizations like the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and her participation in the National Advisory Board for Cultural Diversity in Healthcare at the University of Wisconsin Medical School.


A seasoned presenter, she has shared her wisdom on subjects such as “Normal Adolescent” at Pasadena Community Hospital, “Behavioral Disorders in Children” at the Community Center SEMHR, and “Acculturation of East Indian Youth in American Society” at the American Academy of Child/Adolescent Psychiatry. Her research and publications further cement her stature in the field, with notable works published in Psychopharmacology Bulletin and Neuropsycobiology.

Dr. Ranganath's dedication and exceptional service have not gone unnoticed. She's been honored with the "Faculty of the Year Awards" multiple times and has been a driving force behind several influential research projects with medical students.

Outside her direct medical endeavors, she has been active in a range of committees, including serving as the Chairperson for the Residency Education Committee, a member of the King-Drew Medical Center Cleft Lip, Cleft Palate Team, and a consultant for the UCLA SCAN Team.

Dr. Ranganath's rich career showcases her deep commitment to the field of psychiatry, particularly in child and adolescent care. Her legacy in the medical community stands as a testament to her dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to her patients and the broader medical community.

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